delivers high quality solutions

Founded in 2009, Bliss Applications quickly became a leader in software development within Portugal. Today, we’ve grown into a world-class team of product managers, software engineers, designers and marketeers located in Lisbon, Boston and Porto.

Bliss Applications is part of the WYgroup, the largest national digital marketing group in Portugal. WYgroup was created in 2001 and is currently a holding company of 8 independent companies and employs 230 people.
We’re a UX/UI & software-driven company
We aim to provide quality products and solutions with shorter turnaround times and more value.

We work with new and existing businesses from the ideation phase to create products and solutions that deliver measurable results and meet business goals. Our three core application specialties are: Consumer Marketing Services, Corporate Tools, and Start-up Solutions. See some examples.
Our Services
At Bliss Applications we ideate, create and innovate the future with our clients.
We bring together design, technology and strategy to develop successful projects.
Turning ideas into working products is at the core of our soul. We work with clients to define a problem that needs to be solved. Then we research and analyze the market to create a product roadmap that will ensure we build the best solution.
User Experience
Success is often a measure of how well you handle mistakes. Using various methods, our UX process mimics a user’s journey to capture potential issues at an early stage and resolve them. This results in happy users.
Interface Design
Our approach to iterative design unites knowledge from multiple fields in order to yield a feasible, coherent, aesthetically pleasing, and sound interface specification.
Engineering and Design weigh the same on a product’s success. That’s why our departments work together to build solutions, integrated in the current technology landscape, in an elegant and efficient way.